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CMI Reporting

Comprehensive reporting is a core component in every CMI programme. Our reports closely examine results against set KPI’s and budgets; therefore ensuring our success can be thoroughly measured with complete transparency.

Frequency of reporting

Monthly Campaign and Financial reports are compiled for every CMI driven programme. Results are also monitored on a daily and weekly basis.

Weekly Reports

Provide a brief summary of the week’s activity by stream, the results are then considered against set KPI’s.

Weekly reports include analysis on:

- Weekly sales
- Conversion rates
- Completion rates
- Contact rates

Monthly Campaign Reports

Provide in-depth analysis of the month’s sales activity. Results are considered against set KPI’s and budgets to provide valuable insight into the inner workings and developments of each campaign/programme.

Components of the Campaign report will also track results against those of the previous months where relevant data is available.

Monthly campaign reports include analysis on:

- Monthly sales - Conversion rates
- Cancellation rates - Completion rates
- Mail volumes - Agent performance
- Quality assurance - Agent attendance
- Cost per acquisition

Monthly Financial Reports

Provide in-depth analysis of the months results from a financial perspective. Results are considered against historic and forecasted results (using simple forecast methods).

Monthly Financial reports include analysis on:

- Monthly sales - Monthly premium
- Premium (year to date) - Average premium
- New policies - Total policies
- Policies billed - Cancellation and attrition rates