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  1. First point of contact.

    CMI receives complaint and, wherever possible, have the authority to resolve it at the first point of contact.

  2. Internal escalation.

    Complaints not resolved at the first point of contact are escalated to a different and more senior person who reviews the complaint.

  3. External escalation.

    Complaints that cannot be resolved are referred to the Insurance & Savings Ombudsman ("ISO") Scheme Inc. where the ISO Scheme has jurisdiction to consider them.


External Complaints Procedure

The following procedure is followed when an external dispute with a client arises.

External Complaints Procedure

In addition, CMI has in place an External Complaints Register that documents all complaints that are raised, and enables management of the complaint to resolution.

Having a good complaints handling process is good business practice and will help to maintain and preserve good business relationships.

NOT HAPPY? You Can Use Our External Disputes Resolution Process

If you have a complaint about a product or any part of our service, please contact Card Marketing International so that we can try and fix it for you.

You can use our External Disputes Resolution process by either writing your complaint to PO Box 10-281, or contacting CMI on 04 472 2715.

We will consider your complaint and try to resolve it. If, at the end of our External Disputes Resolution process, we still cannot agree, you can contact the Insurance & Savings Ombudsman ("ISO") Scheme Inc. The ISO Scheme has been approved by the Minister of Consumer Affairs to provide an external dispute resolution service to consumers with complaints about their financial service providers. This service will cost you nothing, and will help us to resolve any issues.

You can contact the ISO Scheme at:

0800 888 202
04 499 7614
PO Box 10845