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Our customer centric approach involves utilising all available customer information (demographic, psychographic, transactional, census and cross referencing from other databases) to determine customers propensity to take up a product through modelling.

This approach allows the expansion of the product range, building niche products to fit smaller pockets of the customer base resulting in more effective and efficient use of a customer base.

Data Preparation

  • CMI uses internal and external providers sourcing customer data and has a thorough understanding of existing data structures, data warehouses and individual variables to enable this process.

CRM Data Mart

  • Collated data is prepared utilising world class statistical modelling adding behavioural, demographic and psychographic dimensions, dynamically updating customer scoring optimized and ready for campaign automation.
  • Every customer in the database is placed into one of ten baskets, or deciles: Decile 1 contains the 10% best prospects for inclusion in a campaign, through to Decile 10 which contains the 10% worst prospects for inclusion in a campaign.

Customer Metrics

  • Customers are selected depending on the objectives of the campaign, whether that is to Maximise customer response, Minimise churn and/or Maximise profit. CMI uses predictive models to find patterns in the client's customer base. CMI currently utilises the following predictive modelling in the market:
    - Response models: Rank and contact customers most likely to take a desired action.
    - Attrition models: Identify customers who are likely to churn or switch providers.
    - Revenue/Profit models: Revenue and profit models combine the likelihood of response while indicating customers most likely to add a higher revenue or profit margin.
    - Tailored response models: Target each customer with the most effective message, i.e. DM letter, TM script, a particular telemarketer.

Campaign Selection and Front-end Application

  • Our embedded analysts will work closely with the CMI Program Management team and the Client on the decisions of decile selections and campaign exclusions. Once automated, our analysts can generate ongoing campaign waves with very short notice and with a high degree of flexibility, and deliver to the relevant front-end application in a format mutually agreed.