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Product Concept

  • CMI provides extensive research and in-depth analysis towards developing a solution that meets the needs of client's customers and senior stakeholders. CMI achieves this through extensive cost/benefit analysis and risk assessment ultimately towards a documented concept and successful business case.

Program Development

  • CMI always starts with a highly detailed project plan and business requirements that assess the conditions that a campaign solution should meet in order to align with stakeholder needs. Detail ensures expectations are met, experience ensures our partners have the comfort of delivery to the highest standards.

Testing Criteria

  • CMI adopt Best Global Practices throughout all of our direct mail campaigns and key to this is the testing principal.
  • This ensures that decisions relating to the content of the mail pack are tested and proven, rather than designed and implemented based on instinct or anecdotal evidence.
  • The main purpose of testing is to maximise outcomes across a database, thus reducing costs for our client.
  • CMI testing is a four-part concept: change, analyse, measure, incorporate.
    1. Firstly we identify the components we wish to change in our mail pack (eg. a slight change to the letter copy; an alteration to the design of the brochure, or a different incentive).
    2. The next step is testing the change on a section or segment of the database.
    3. We then measure the impact of any change may in comparison to the 'control' group.
    4. Finally, if results show an improvement, then we incorporate the change into our direct mail roll-out.
  • By following this approach and continuing to test, we can evolve the offering over time to ensure we have the best DM approach possible. We can then attribute percentage improvement statistics to various DM components, giving us clear understanding of what influences uptake.

Campaign Execution

  • CMI prepare specifications for every programme prescribing the agreed details and timings of every element of the campaign including creation of collateral, scripting and wording, testing, fulfilment and key stakeholder management.
  • At the conclusion of the launch phase of any campaign CMI prepares a Post Implementation Review focusing not only on results and improvements but also cost efficiencies. CMI operate under a "Continual Process Improvement" model ensuring that processes and procedures are challenged and evolved over time in line with Best Global Practices.

Channel Management

  • CMI achieves successful channel management due to its extensive marketing experience enabling realistic and accurate performance setting. Our robust reporting captures results as they happen with performance assessed on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis and communicated to Key Stakeholders as and when they require it.

Multi-Dimensional Campaign Management

The CMI management model is applicable to a variety of CRM strategies:

  • Sales campaigns aimed at
    - Maximising Take-up
    - Maximising Profit
    - Minimising Churn
  • Retention programs
  • Customer contact optimisation